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Sights and Bites

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Traveling is an experience that can provide you with memories to treasure for the rest of your life. Planning for your next travel can be overwhelming. From looking for cheap flights to Paris to plotting your itinerary, you will surely have a hard time trying to figure out how to make the most out of your trip. With this, keep on reading the rest of this article and learn more about the best destinations for sights and bites – places where both your eyes and stomach can have a feast. In these places, you will surely appreciate beautiful sights and get your stomachs filled with delicious food.

Venice, Italy

Start looking for the best business class flights to Europe now and enjoy first-class transportation on your way to one of the region’s most revered destinations. Venice is a city that presents an excellent contrast of the old and the new, of the traditional and contemporary. From the architecture to their culture, it provides an enriching travel experience. Do not forget to sample their best-tasting pizzas, pastas, and gelato. Of course, a holiday in Venice will never be complete without taking a tour of their canals, which is the perfect way to see the city.

Bangkok, Thailand

Fly to Bangkok with the best deals for business class flights and enjoy what this cosmopolitan destination has to offer. This is one of the few cities that present a stark blend of the ancient and the modern. It has towering skyscrapers. In the same way, it also boasts of temples and palaces that are reflective of the way of living in the past. Aside from the wonderful sights in the city, you will definitely enjoy its culinary heritage. The robust flavor of Thai food will make you forget dishes from other countries.

Paris, France

While Paris is best-known for the Eiffel Tower, there are other sites that are equally stunning, which might convince you to find the best first-class flights today. Museums, art galleries, and quaint cafes are just some of the best places to check out while you are having a Parisian holiday. When it comes to having a taste of the culinary culture of Paris, some that you should try include baguette, steak frites, croquet monsieur, duck confit, jamobon-beurre, croissant, artisanal cheeses, crepes, and macarons.

Barcelona, Spain

From the architectural wonders of Antoni Gaudi to the pristine beaches of Costa Brava, you will have endless reasons to look for business class flights to Europe today. SagradaFamilia is one of the best things to see in Barcelona. When it comes of food, some that you should definitely try include Serrano ham, cured pork, and cold cuts. Do not also forget to sample other traditional Catalan cuisine and have tapas in the city’s most famous spots. 

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