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Let’s Fly To Dubai!



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Flying to Dubai in the next couple of weeks or so? Then consider the following advice that will prepare you for whatever you are about to encounter.

Your mode of dressing may be hot pants for ladies or shirtless for men. Well, be informed that it is not clever to go dressed like that in Dubai. Dubai is considered as one of the most incredible places on earth but one thing you should not do while there is dress indecently.


Dubai is a Muslim country, which means that chances of you getting pork there is basically next to impossible. Good news though, if at all you are craving pork, just head to the Irish pubs and you will be treated to a huge serving!

Same goes for alcohol. Getting alcohol here is hard because alcohol is prohibited. In Dubai, bars are usually attached to accommodation, which means that the only way you can get alcohol is in the hotel you have chosen to stay in. Alcohol in these bars are damn expensive so to make the most out of this situation, consider bringing them through the duty free shop which is way affordable than buying from the bars. Accommodation is also on the pricy side particularly in the peak season, which is normally between November and March. If your budget is a little tight, consider apartment hotels in the Bur Dubai area that are not really fancy but of good value.


Where food is concerned, consider eating in stand-alone joints as opposed to up-market hotel restaurants. They offer great foods at reasonable prices and these results to minimal damage on your wallet!

Just so you know, while in Dubai, have fun!


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